Welcome to Rahul Bagal's website..

My name is Rahul Bagal and this is Bagal.org

Bagal ( बागल ) is a family name in the Maharashtra and Karnataka states of India.

I intend to use this site as my personal website as well as a platform to collaborate to all people with BAGAL family name ..just to help them all to network.

There is a active group on Orkut of BAGAL's . Click here to visit this group on orkut. If you are a BAGAL please join this group. We provide free email address of this site your_name@bagal.org . Just drop a personal message to modarator of the group.

Here is wikipedia Link describing BAGAL

Rahul S Bagal - I am IT professional from pune. Please visit my biography page  to know about me. Do share feedback about this site with me & dont forget to sign my guest book.

Happy surfing .

- Rahul  

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