Importent Phone Numbers in Pune

Ruby Hall  26123391 
Inlaks Budhrani  26129080 / 26129082 
Ruby Hall  26123391 
Sasoon  26128000 
Police  26680749 
Fire Service 
Central Fire Brigade  26351707 
Fire Brigade  26696400 
Jet Airways  26167524/26168153 
Sahara  26690212/13/18 
General Enquiry  26126575/139 
Computerised Reservation Enquiry  26136666/139 
General Enquiry  020-24444455/24447766 
Taxi Service 
Wings Radio Cabs  26056008 
Ever Wondered What Are The 2 Digit Codes In SMS You Receive?

Interesting fact

2 Digit Prefix Are Actually Codes Using Which You Can Locate Where The SMSs Are Originated From. The First Alphabet Reveals The Operator Name And The Second Alphabet On The Code Reveals Area From Where The Message Has Been Originated. FOr Example In An SMS Received “AK-SBI” Then The 1st Alphabet ‘A’ Signifies That It Is Originated By Bharti Operator And The Second Alphabet ‘K’ Reveals That The Message Has Been Originated From Kolkata. Here Is The Complete List Of The Codes Assigned To Various Operators And Service Areas:

Service Provider Code
Aircel, Dishnet Wireless  D
Bharti Airtel A
BPL Mobile/Loop Telecom L
Datacom Solutions C
HFCL Infotel H
Idea Cellular I
Reliance Communications R
Reliance Telecom E
S Tel S
Shyam Telecom Y
Spice Telecom P
Swan Telecom W
Tata Teleservices T
Unitech Group U
Vodafone V
Service Area  Code
Andhra Pradesh A
Andhra Pradesh S
Bihar B
Delhi D
Gujarat G
Haryana H
Himachal Pradesh I
Jammu & Kashmir J
Karnataka X
Kerala L
Kolkata K
Madhya Pradesh Y
Maharashtra Z
Mumbai M
North East N
Orissa O
Punjab P
Rajasthan R
Tamil Nadu T
UP-East E
UP-West W
West Bengal V

 Source: Floating Emails