Microsoft Surface - Tablet

Microsoft unveiled the new generation of tablet. I am impressed with the design of this new device.

Below is video of Keynote presentation of Microsoft Surface . Windows 8 gives great usability & productivity on the move.   Integrated keyboard & stands gives laptop like feel when needed.

Can't wait to get one..


Twisted Nail Puzzle

I got a twisted nail puzzle yesterday from a science toy shop. This twisted nail puzzle has two twisted nails , if you interlock them its very difficult to seperate them. You need to know the trick to seprate nails.  My five year old Kid Aatish was able to solve that puzzle in a minute. I just showed him once the process of solving it.

Here is the video of Aatish Solving twisted nail puzzle.

It seems very simple by looking at video. But if you actually try to solve this puzzle , you will appriciate Aatish :).




Monetizing Marathi / Hindi websites

Many of us have websites built in Marathi or Hindi or any other Indian languages. We receive lot of traffic but unfortunately cannot put google ads ( Adsense ) on it.  Because if you see on google help pages What languages does AdSense support? , Marathi / Hindi is not a supported language.  If you violate this policy your account may get suspended & forfeit earnings.

I was looking for the altenative options for my Marathi pages on my site. I found AdBrite as a good option.  Today I implemented it on my page http://www.bagal.org/bagalorg/vinod.aspx

If you want to use this site please click on below link & start earning money from your website.

This network will be also useful when Google is not approving your adsence account ;) 


I recorded a story told by local narrator at Sinhgad fort
Importent Phone Numbers in Pune

Ruby Hall  26123391 
Inlaks Budhrani  26129080 / 26129082 
Ruby Hall  26123391 
Sasoon  26128000 
Police  26680749 
Fire Service 
Central Fire Brigade  26351707 
Fire Brigade  26696400 
Jet Airways  26167524/26168153 
Sahara  26690212/13/18 
General Enquiry  26126575/139 
Computerised Reservation Enquiry  26136666/139 
General Enquiry  020-24444455/24447766 
Taxi Service 
Wings Radio Cabs  26056008 
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