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05/06/2014BAGAL ALIUS
11/11/2013Gajanan Bagal (Khamgaon Dist.Buldana)
Hi Rahul'. amche mukhy thikan bars hi talukyat hote. Mazya vadilanche Nav Rajaram BAGAL .Aajoba Saudagar BAGAL.Panjoba Tukaram BAGAL .Koni natevaik milat as til tar mahiti dene.Thanks for BAGAL web side.
21/02/2013Gagandeep kaur
Im gagandeep kaur frm punjab,8872647191 cntct me any decent gud luking boy cn cntct me at my no. But after 9:30 pm n before 4am... I like making new frns.
21/02/2013Gagandeep kaur
Hi im gagandeep kaur frm punjab,any boy wana tak can contact me at 8872647191 ,bt after 9:30 pm to 4 am only...
28/11/2012Nilesh Bagal
Hi I am Nilesh Bagal from Nashik
Native place Bahyane dist Dhule
hi friends jokes was awesome.keep it up
Hi friends jokes was awesome...
17/09/2012sanikumar bagal
hy all frd Nameste kashe aahat....
30/08/2012Bhausaheb Patil
I am from Vill - SORADI. Tal-JATH. Our area is always dray. Last three year no any rain here.Here People & Animal want FOOD & WATER. But our government still silent. Our village people are busize in coming GramPanchayt Election. curaption is also going on here. GramPanchayt area [ Gvathan ] some people are captured. Also Openly SANTRA Liquor are soled in near Grampanchayt, thats totly efect going on young genration.....
24/08/2012madan keshav jadhav civil engineer
bal vidya mander shiv nanagar jath
Apply for your loan with us if interested contact: complincefinancials@live.com
Iam from Vill- SORADI. Tal- Jath. My village is Lord God place of DATTA MANDIER here is underground Placed d Datta's Murty.
28/06/2012sanikumar bagal
hi, friends namaste,
Iam sanikumar bagal from ahmedabad, Gujarat kase Aahat....
16/06/2012Rajesh Bagal
Hi Rahul,

Gr8 work and unique concept. Keep it up. I am from village Yeralwadi, Khatav Takula Dist Satara born and brought up in Mumbai. Presently working for Construction company in Mumbai and also have my own construction business. Keep it up.
18/05/2012Nilesh Bagal
Hi I am Nilesh Bagal from nashik
Nice to see all Bagal on one platform
15/05/2012amit bagal
I am also happy to see this site.i also plan for this web ,but ok keep it up.. Best wishes..from a
mit bagal (washim)mh.
28/03/2012Vijay Bagal
Hi,Even i am Bagal Great to see a site of our surname. I am from Shivaji Maharajas Satara District Katar Khatav taluka Khatav.

Great Keep it up.
17/02/2012dnyaneshwar kadam
hi , friends Namaste
I am very happy for you r creating my our jath taluka's website . this is very helpfull website . and i proud to be i am jatkar . . my villege is Jath .

email - dskadam9@gmail.com
Hi Rahul,

My best compliments to you for creation of our Bagal Website.

I stay in Dadar, Mumbai. I am 52 years old. I have got my own house in sangli. I would like to meet you personally, provided if you are available in Mumbai.

I am working for rehabilitation of differently abled persons and working since last 25 years in an well known Institution.

Please contact me on my mobile number - 9320998486.

Rest when we will meet.

With best wishes and Happy New Year for your future tasks.

ARUN BAGAL-9320998486
18/11/2011Kalpesh Umaranikar,Umarani
This is very nice concept which u have worked for,hats off to you it will help to make a social network for all jatkars and it will help to build a think tanks for the well being of our taluka .
my mail id -mavimkalpesh@gmail.com
16/09/2011nilesh patil
nice yaar
07/09/2011Prashant Mahamuni
I was searching for marathi jokes and found your site.And I went to almost every page on ur site.Interesting work..Keep going dude..
03/08/2011vijay bagal
03/07/2011Rahul Bagal
Friends , I have been receiving lot of good feedback out the site. Also request about adding some information about Families. If you know any historical & present information about Bagal families, please send it across to me using contact form.
03/07/2011Rahul Bagal
Rajesh Bagal please send me email id using contact me form. I shall create ID for you.
25/06/2011Ravindra Bagal
Hi Dear Rahul,
I am Ravindra Bagal, This is a great thing that you are doing great thing for Bagal community.

I am working in Pune as Accounts Manager.
My Email ID ravindra_bagal@rediffmail.com
07/06/2011Rajesh Bagal
hi rahul,
Interesting. Gr8 work. Very less about Bagal's but good initiatives. Keep it up.Can I create my login id. My native place is yeralwadi in Tal Khatav, dist. Satara.
18/05/2011hi Rahul
i see your web site very nice information about Bagal Faimaliy This is Dhanraj Bagl working in pune my netive place is nimgul tal Shindkeda Dist Dhule
18/05/2011Rajendra Bagal
hi Rahul i see your bagal information form your web i like it and very nice i am Rajendra Bagal form Nimgul tal Shindkheda dist dhule working in pune as dell service Engg.
18/03/2011Harshad Bagal
happy ro see this website.
m presently working in pune.
Born and brought up in Nagpur.
i am interested to know about our history.
Please provide, its really going to make us feel proud.
15/03/2011Pradeep Godse - Head Operations Raychem RPG Ltd Mumbai
Hi Rahul ,

Nice to see your website and useful information.Where is shrikant patil?
28/01/2011Satish Bagal
Hello Rahul, Congratulations to your work on Bagal Families, Gadegaon village in pandharpur taluka is well known by Bagal Family. near about 85% families are Bagal surname in Gadegaon village. All the best to you.
15/12/2010SID TELI
sidhu5695@gmail.com it is my e-mail address
15/12/2010sid teli (JAT)
how r u rahul dada i m from jat and i say thanks for that u make this website -sid teli(jat highschool jat,10th)
20/11/2010Vinayak Butale
HI Rahul it's nice to see your own website, very good creation. It is a really good platform to share each other. Keep it up. Best luck
15/10/2010Vijaysinh Balasaheb Bagal
I am from Kargani Tal.Atapadi Dist.Sangli.I am proud to see website with our Surname.Now,I am in Mumbai.
18/09/2010Mahesh Patil (Bagal)
Hi Rahul !

First of all my best compliment to you for initiating somthing for the community and providing them platform to come together and know each-other and contrubute for communitiy.

I am from Nimgul, Taluka - Shindhkheda, District - Dhule (Mahatrashtra). Currently I am in Mumbai and working in IT as a Sr. Manager.
Anybody from our community can contact me on my emai id
21/07/2010Nitin bhosale
I m from jath.gav-soradi.
Cool website! Even my name is Rahul. Kind Regards,
23/04/2010S B Bagal
I am very proud to see website with our surname. Friend for your information, there are bagal families in in the village Bagalwadi, Niphad Taluka,Nasik District. good work for our community. congratulation.
Very informative site
04/04/2010Nitin Bagal
Hi....this is nitin bagal i have seen your website,i am very happy to see our website.

Like the information on PMP provided on site.
17/01/2010Chie L
Great site. Like the color.
17/01/2010AMIT BAGAL
I Found U R Website From Orkut,My Native Place is in Satara District.
You Made such a GR8 Website,
HW r u
I searched for Nokia codes
Hi its really helped me
24/12/2009bagal priyanka

At the time of browsing, I found your web-site and it is good to know about the web site by my surname. My native place is Nimgul. ___________________________________
25/11/2009Anil Pawar
Thanks Rahul.
16/11/2009Rahul Jeur
Its a wonderful site. My best wishes to you and your family.
Greetings from the US, just stopping by. Nice site!
11/06/2009Rahul Bagal
Thanks a lot for writing in my guest book
08/06/2009lakhvir singh bagal
i realy like to know about that site i tell to all my family i live in vancouver canada i like to know somebady doing somegood thin for bagal families my well wishies allwayas with u .
24/05/2009bhawani s chauhan
2 digit code detail is vary informative.
pl mail such information time to
to time.
all the best.
04/05/2009Chirag Bhatia

Kindly get back with your mail ID on adm.radical@gmail.com

I can help you with some revenue from photography event listings on your blogs

Thank You

Chirag Bhatia
29/03/2009Sachin Bagal, Mumbai

At the time of browsing, I found your web-site and it is good to know about the web site by my surname. My native place is in Satara district. Please let me know, from which part of the Maharashtra originally you belong to. My forefathers have been residing in Mumbai and Satara district (Tal-Khatav). If you feel to respond my question, please do so on bagal.sachin@yahoo.co.in.
20/03/2009Bharat Kaushik
Hi! This is Bharat Kaushik. I feel very happy to see such personal blog site. This is really the IT Revolution.

Bharat Kaushik
C.T.O., baboon.co.in Ltd.
url: http://www.baboon.co.in
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Good Luck my friend .. Your site looks nice

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